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"I create visual stories by using photography, digital drawing/painting and compositing"


My name is Linda Kristiansen, I am originally from Drammen but now based in Vollen.

I work for a non-profit organisation and when I’m not at my dayjob I spend a lot of my time making visual stories.

I create conseptual images based on photography, digital drawing/paint and editing.

I shift between different processes to get to the final image, but it always starts out with my camera.

Using photoshop I composite different photos to make new stories. Photos I take for the purpose of that spesific idea, but also I have my own

stock-library and often mix past with present. I think of it as different pieces of my own life and history infused in some way in these new images.

I enjoy creating images that have a personal meaning for me, but still is open to enterpretation. Like an open story for anyone to finish.

I started experimenting with creative photography around 2015 and in it I found a new way to express myself.

I believe creativity is a fantastic way to deal with just about anything in life.

I am very into symbolism and to seeing things for more than they appear to be. Giving new meaning to the most mundane of things. Like finding a pile of seaweed on the beach and turning it into a dress in photoshop, or shooting a closeup of one of my kitchentiles to use for texture. The more layered I can make an image the more interesting I find the process. Stock from different places I have been, props and wardrobe with its own history. Textures from my surroundings. The challenge of shooting and compositing it all together.

I also give talks, host workshops and classes within my field, in hopes to inspire others.


2020 - August               BUKT - Fornebu | Charity Auction and Group Exhibition 

2020 - August               BLÅ - Oslo | Group Exhibition Altså Magazine

2020 - Mars                   Pop Up, Spaces, Oslo |  SOLO

2019 - July - Oct           SALT Art & Music, Oslo - "Plastic World"

2019 – May                     Oslofjordmuseet  “PlasticWorld and The Climate Change” m/Kiro Roskvist

2018 – May                     Selvikvillaen, Vollen, Norway               |    SOLO

2017 – Jan/April             Galleri Sirkus, Trondheim   |    SOLO

2016 – Okt/Nov             Trondheim Kunstforening /Ni Muser “Drømmen den lokke”  |  Gruppe





2020 -  05             Altså Magasin - 2 sider, "Restriction"  

2020 -  04            Affinity Spotlight - part of group interview and "Under the moonlight"

2020 -           - reportasje på nett og senere i papirutgave

2019 - 04              Budstikka - reportasje

2019 – 02              Shotkit – Article and images

2018 – 12               MysteryTribune – Fall edition

2018 – 02             One Year Artbook – Inspades Magazine

2016 – 09             Stubborn Magazine, 6 images            

2016 – 09             Inspades Magazine, online publication, Interview, 7 images + Cover

2016 – 03             Dark Beauty Magazine, online publication, «Restriction I»

2016 – 01              Dark Beauty Magazine, online publication, «stillness of heart»

2015 – 10              Citizen Brooklyn e-magazine, Interview /featured images


Gallery Representation

Galleri KA16 Oslo

Jason Wright Creative, Hawaii

© 2018 Linda Kristiansen. 

Vollen, Norge