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The Mind Block -Artist Spotlight

Kort intervju og presentasjon i nyhetsbrevet til The Mind Block 25.mai 2022.


How do you make your art? Materials, techniques, inner sights etc. What motivates you? It always starts out from being inspired to express a feeling or an idea. From that I figure out how this can be put into a visual image. I have a variety of ways to get to the end result, but the first thing on the canvas is always a photo. Building on that with compositing different elements and sometimes adding digital paint/watercolors as well. I shoot my own stock and have built a sizable and varied library over the years. This allows me to sometimes create from what I have in my archives and not always having to shoot for new ideas. I love how the mind works and the initial process of visualization and thinking in layers is something I really enjoy.

As for motivation I guess I could say that emotion is what gets me going. Expressing an emotion or trying to evoke one.


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