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Suspended Soul - Editorial

Oppdatert: 4. jun. 2022

I forbindelse med en 24t nft-auksjon skrev Suspended Soul denne utrolig fine artikkelen, sammen med et kort intervju. Les hele saken her:


Have you ever felt that life has overtaken you? The encounter with moments generates unbearable crossroads. Suddenly, everything is hazy and contradictory. Heaviness materializes in the body as it floats weightless in the water, just waiting for a flow that pushes it somewhere. Beneath the surface in its visual narrative crystallizes both the sensation of finding oneself lost in dark labyrinths and the instant where the possibility of the walls collapsing and falling glimpsed, revealing the power of freeing ourselves from everything that holds us back is always there within.

In many of her works, Linda Kristiansen appeals for symbolic compositions. Manifest sensations, feelings, and ideas as a result of her personal experiences. A creative process is also a unique form of meditation and powerful self-healing.


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