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Kort intervju med Metaverse News 13 januar 2022.


How do you experience being a woman in an otherwise very male-dominated crypto world?

I was very fortunate to become part of a community of women very early in my NFT journey. We support and help each other and connect on almost a daily basis through chats and discord. I don’t think I would have lasted even half this long if it weren’t for these women.

There is no doubt this is a male-dominated space and statistics show that female artists only counts for a very little percentage of sales, like 5% or so. It is seriously depressing, and also not very different from the traditional art world I think. However, I believe women might have more opportunities to make it here, and moving forward – hopefully – we will be able to level out some of this huge unbalance. An unbalance that in itself is just mindboggling in 2021.


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