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"Photography, digital drawing, composite work and mixed media"

Originally from Drammen, now based in Asker, Norway.

I got my first SLR camera in 2000 and soon found that this was a wonderful tool to both express myself and to explore my own creativity.

The camera together with digital editing tools opened up a whole new dimension of being able to express myself.

To create what came naturally, and to learn how to do it without placing restrictions on how I should arrive at the result.

Art and creativity is a powerful tool on so many levels and I am grateful to have found this outlet in life.

Over the years it has become a part of me and the way I see the world:)

My process is varied but usually consists of putting together several photographic elements that sometimes also mix with digital painting techniques. Sometimes I also get creative with acrylic paint and monoprints. I am inspired by my experience of life, thoughts, dreams and philosophy. I love symbolism and creating space for reflection or recognition.


2023  Kystmuseet i Trøndelag - Aftermath of humanity - Group Exhibit

2023  Via Showcase - Oslo

2023  Galleri7 - Trondheim

2022  Pop-Up Foma 

2022  Galleri 7 - Trondheim 

2020  BUKT - Fornebu | Charity Auction and Group Exhibition 

2020  BLÅ - Oslo | Group Exhibition Altså Magazine

2020  Pop Up, Spaces, Oslo |  SOLO

2019  SALT Art & Music, Oslo - "Plastic World"

2019  Oslofjordmuseet  “PlasticWorld and The Climate Change” m/Kiro Roskvist

2018  Selvikvillaen, Vollen, Norway               |    SOLO

2017  Galleri Sirkus, Trondheim   |    SOLO

2016  Trondheim Kunstforening /Ni Muser “Drømmen den lokke”  |  Gruppe




2020  Altså Magasin - 2 sider, "Restriction"  

2020  Affinity Spotlight - part of group interview and "Under the moonlight"

2020 - reportasje på nett og senere i papirutgave

2019  Budstikka - reportasje

2019  Shotkit – Article and images

2018  MysteryTribune – Fall edition

2018  One Year Artbook – Inspades Magazine

2016  Stubborn Magazine, 6 images            

2016  Inspades Magazine, online publication, Interview, 7 images + Cover

2016  Dark Beauty Magazine, online publication, «Restriction I»

2016  Dark Beauty Magazine, online publication, «stillness of heart»

2015  Citizen Brooklyn e-magazine, Interview /featured images

NFTs Expo

2023  Let Art Be - Lezar House Gallery, Barcelona

2023  The Grid - Mondoir Art Gallery, Dubai

2023  Nordic Blockchain Conference, Copenhagen

2023  NFT Tallinn

2022  NFT Liverpool

2022  Portugal - LAi MUSEUM - So far So near

2021  The Theater Lab, NYC - Renaissance Protocol - Digital NFT Exhibition

Gallery Representation

Galleri 7

Modern Art Gallery

Jason Wright Creative, Hawaii

Artist Residency

2022 - Cabin Essence, Cervo Zermatt


Boardmember of Beyond Art Oslo

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