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Reimagining the Past
- an exploration of a changing artworld -

Project Description

"Reimagining the Past" is a conceptual art project that explores the gap between tradition and technology while symbolically transforming the artist on a creative journey. This project explores the evolution of art in the digital age by taking existing works of art and reinterpreting them through contemporary technology. Through this practice, the artist has undergone a symbolic metamorphosis, reflecting the transformative power of art and technology and redefining the personal connection to her own creative process. Utilizing self portrait based work becomes a metaphor for bringing the art, as well as the artist, into the new digital era.

Process and transformation
The artist has selected a series of her own past artworks from the period 2015 to 2020, 24 in total. These have served as the foundation for transformation. Using digital tools and technologies, the artist explored different processes and workflows, following her intuition and emotional response along the way to reach a new expression based on the existing works. 
Each selected artwork has gone through a profound evolution. Reimagined through the lens of technology, ending up as digital abstract versions that incorporate the possibilities and aesthetics of the digital era. The abstract & futuristic style being as far away from the artists usual style as one could say AI is from photography as a means to create something. 


Metaverse Gallery, NFT collection & limited edition prints:

The culmination of this project is a metaverse gallery where visitors can explore the artworks and their original state. The collection will also be made available to collect as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain in addition to a limited print edition.

Theme: Transformation

The central theme of the project is transformation, both in terms of the artist's creative journey and the evolution of art in the digital age. The theme "transformation" has always had a significant place in the entirety of the artists journey, which ties the symbolics together in a deeper manner.

“Reimagining the Past” invites viewers to join the artist on this transformative journey, challenging preconceptions of art and inspiring reflection on the ways in which technology shapes our creative landscape. Through the fusion of tradition and innovation, this project is not only breathing new life into old artworks but also symbolize the artist's own evolution in an ever-changing world.

Spatial Metaverse Gallery

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